KOA LIFE's relaxation bath bomb is infused with 300mg of the finest hemp-derived CBD. The Bomb is uniquely blended with essential oils and scents. Our premium bath bombs are proudly all natural, organic, non-GMO. The Bomb is ultra hydrating and leaves your skin feeling like silk. The perfect essential for you daily self care routine.

The Bomb-Relaxation

Size (mL)
  • 300mg of CBD Isolate hemp CBD

    Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Aqua, 100mg of CBD Isolate Cannabis Sativa Seeds Extract, Coconut Oil, Neroli Essential Oil, Batch Certified Blue # 1, Fragrance, SLSA  

Product Reviews

Emily M

Skin feels fresh and awake

Josie herrera

Awesome cleanser especially for anyone a bit mature all the goodness you want in a cleanser

Bonita kasee

I love how soft and smooth it makes my face feel, I use this 2xs a day, I'm really impressed with this cleanser, the scent is a little mediney, but I can deal with that lol especially bc of how it makes my face look and feel, I will definitely buy this cleanser again.

Barbara Jones

Glow Oil left my skin feeling hydrated and glowing. I love the color that gives my skin a rosy glow. It smells great and is easy to apply which are both a plus for me. I use it on my face and neck everyday, but it is great to use on your body too. Glow Oil has definitely helpedto re-hydrate my dry skin. This is my new favorite skincare product

Mariann Janison

The presentation in the bottle is beautiful but once you open it the scent draws you in. Applying it was easy and it absorbs fairly quickly and feels like it gets to work right away

Brooklyn Dawn

I love this glow oil! It’s so pretty and smells so good! I love how it feels on my skin. It gets soaked up and makes my skin look gooey and beautiful


I was very impressed with Glow Oil. I love a matte makeup look but have always wanted some “glow” or “light” behind my foundation for the healthy appeal. Everything has been way to shiny for me until I tried this product. I’m really impressed with how my makeup turns out now.