KOA LIFE's Daily Renew Face Moisturizer is a unique lightweight formula for everyday use while still ultra-moisturizing. The Daily Renew Face Moisturizer is cruelty free, paraben, and sulfate free. This natural formula is packed with bio-active ingredients which help protect, tone, and firm the skin, and reduces the signs of aging. Our Daily Renew Face Moisturizer has 300mg of top-grade full spectrum CBD and is made in California with love.

Daily Renew Face Moisturizer

Size (mL)
  • 300 MG Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Extract

    Key ingredients : Hydrolyzed Collagen, Niacinamide, Angelica Sinensis Root, Astragalus Root, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower, Licorice Root.

Product Reviews

Barbara Jones

Glow Oil left my skin feeling hydrated and glowing. I love the color that gives my skin a rosy glow. It smells great and is easy to apply which are both a plus for me. I use it on my face and neck everyday, but it is great to use on your body too. Glow Oil has definitely helpedto re-hydrate my dry skin. This is my new favorite skincare product

Mariann Janison

The presentation in the bottle is beautiful but once you open it the scent draws you in. Applying it was easy and it absorbs fairly quickly and feels like it gets to work right away

Brooklyn Dawn

I love this glow oil! It’s so pretty and smells so good! I love how it feels on my skin. It gets soaked up and makes my skin look gooey and beautiful


I was very impressed with Glow Oil. I love a matte makeup look but have always wanted some “glow” or “light” behind my foundation for the healthy appeal. Everything has been way to shiny for me until I tried this product. I’m really impressed with how my makeup turns out now.

Lauren Santar

Koa Life Glow Oil makes my dry skin feel so smooth and healthy. It also makes my face shine and glow! Not in a greasy way, but in a healthy way. I am totally a fan and wear this every day and night under my makeup or on my bare skin. I love it

Raven Houston

I've been using the glow oil for a few days and I love it. You would think you might look overly oily or sparkly. This absorbs into skin and leaves it looking moisturized and glowing.

Christina Able

I have pretty oily Acne prone skin so the idea of using an oil is pretty daunting. I LOVE glow oil. The scent is great, it absorbs quickly, and has left my skin looking incredible


Beautiful pink speckles of light and a wonderfully light rose fragrance in a luxurious oil that will leave your face and neck bright and moisturized. The addition of CBD is an innovative and new twist on your beauty routine

Jesse Cole

I tried Glow Oil with a little trepidation since I have acne prone skin. Instead, it surpassed my expectations. The oil goes on smooth and gives your skin a nice, clean glow that really hydrates throughout the day. You definitely have to rub it inor it will sit on top of your skin but once you do it feel really good. I haven't tried this much but I plan to mix it in with my foundation during the winter when my skin needs the extra help

Kayla Johnson

My skin always gets so red and irritated after washing my face, and Glow Oil does a fantastic job calming the inflammation and my skin looks so radiant and silky soft. Definitely going to keep using this to take advantage of everything CBD has to offer


This glow oil is fabulous. A couple drops of this CBD oil and your glowing like the sun.This product is a miracle oil. It helped heal my sunburn heal within 3 days. I use a couple drops couple days and my face is smooth and hydrated and keeps that
glow. You will not be disappointed.

Jemma Lee

I tried this oil because my skin looked dull and just very blah. Not only was the oil soft, easy to use, absorbed well without causing a breakout, but it gave my skin a natural glow. Easy to use, and it also seemed like my makeup went on easier as well.

Milena Prifti

I use this glow oil every day and I'm just in love . Smell like a rose and I recommend it 200% .

Sara Stos

The glow oil is truly amazing! I saw a difference on my skin as soon as I applied it. It gave my skin an instant glow and firmness! Will definitely buy again!

Jamie Rose